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Sharing Data Even More Universally; UDS Open Sourced

A while ago (September 27th this year, to be precise) I announced[1] the Universal Data Share (UDS) project: a small utility using which people can share files with others without the need for a server or complicated software installs.

Since that time I have been testing the application with some friends and added a lot of bug fixes as well as some features, including:

  • Chunked downloading, to allow larger files to be transferred without the application dying on itself.
  • Downloads tab, with progress indicators and download folder.
  • Filesizes of the remote files reported in the client.
  • Much improved protocol.

The project page has been online for a while now [2]. You can find the most up to date binaries, GitHub link and protocol details there. Yes, that’s a GitHub link, as in the source being freely available. While I haven’t attached a formal license to it, I’d much appreciate it if people didn’t use significant parts of the source without attribution and send me any bug fixes or feature additions they may have produced.

Also important to note that the software is now essentially Beta-level quality, as in that it is feature-complete and relatively stable. Large-scale testing still has to be performed, naturally, and that’s where you people come into play 🙂


[1] https://mayaposch.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/qt-and-custom-networking-protocols-or-the-holy-grail-of-the-internet/
[2] http://www.mayaposch.com/uds.php

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