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MQTTCute: a new MQTT desktop client

January 2, 2018 Leave a comment

At the beginning of 2017 I was first introduced to the world of MQTT as part of a building monitoring and control project, and while this was generally a positive experience, I felt rather frustrated with one area of this ecosystem: the lack of proper MQTT clients, regardless of mobile or desktop. The custom binary protocol that was being used to communicate over MQTT with the sensor and control nodes also made those existing clients rather useless.

I would regularly have to resort to using Wireshark/tcpdump to check the MQTT traffic on TCP level, or dump the messages received into a file and open it with a hex editor, just so that I could inspect the payloads being sent by the nodes and services. This was annoying enough, and even more annoying was that the system was intended to be fully AES-encrypted, with only mosquitto_pub and mosquitto_sub actually supporting TLS certificates.

As a result I have had this urge to write my own MQTT client that would actually work in this scenario. Courtesy of getting laid off just before Christmas, I had some additional time to work on this new project. After about a week of work, I released the 0.1 Alpha version today on my GitHub account [1].

MQTTCute screenshot

Called MQTTCute, it’s written in C++ and Qt 5, and using the Mosquitto client library for MQTT communication. Not surprisingly, it shares a fair bit of code with the Command & Control client for the BMaC system [2] which I also developed during the last year. I’ll be writing more on the BMaC project the coming time.

With this first version of the MQTTCute client all basic functionality is present: connecting to an MQTT broker, publishing on and subscribing to topics, along with being able to publish binary messages and see received messages both in their text and hexadecimal formats. Since an MDI interface is used, it should be possible to keep track of a large number of topics without too much trouble.

I’m hoping for feedback on this MQTT client, but regardless I’ll be implementing new features to improve the workflow and general options with the client. Hopefully someone beyond just myself will be finding it useful 🙂



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